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Gamrie Bay Prawn Trawls is a family run Fishing Trawl Net manufacturing company. It was established in 2000 and is run by Michael and his wife Linda.

Michael has over 35 years of net making experience and as a skipper at sea. He specialises in Prawn and Fish Trawl Net Design.

Each net can be made to a skipper's own specification with an emphasis on reducing discards in the Fishing Industry.


Our latest design is the Flip Flap Grid that received a Innovation Award in 2014 from the RSPB Nature of Scotland Awards.


We can supply all Fishing related materials. Netting,Twines, Ropes & Buoys.


Net Factory Phone number & Fax 01261851888

Mobile 07900606153.


Solutions for the fishing industry

Prawn Trawls

In 2014 the company won an award for Gear Design. Michael designed the Flip Flap Trawl to reduce Cod discards. It was tried and tested by his own fishing boat Sardonyx BF206 and approved by EU Scientist's in Brussels. It is classed as a Highly Selected Gear.


Photo with kind permission of Jim Hampson